Call of the Cove




Please download our list of 400 Twitter handles for the media worldwide here and send them the tweet below.  Do as many as you can, or as few as you like – every tweet is important.

@NewsMedia: Please help us end the slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, Japan. Please cover or RT:

MEDIA ARCHIVE: 2013-2014

The following links are select media coverage related to Taiji’s January 17th to 21st dolphin drive hunt of 250 bottlenose dolphins (including a rare albino calf), the grueling captive selection process, inhumane slaughter, and drive back out to sea of the remaining pod members. The media coverage soared to new heights due to Ambassador Caroline Kennedy’s statement of concern via Twitter and other tweets from celebrities & other diplomats.

For even more media coverage, you can look at news items by clicking here. If you come across an article with misinformation/errors, we suggest that you contact the publication/journalist directly for corrections.

MEDIA ARCHIVE: 2012-2013


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