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1521489_278084889008415_1648524018_nThe 2014-15 Taiji dolphin drive hunt season started on September 1, 2014 and will run through late February/early March of 2015. The drive hunts happen daily over the span of 6-7 months in Taiji threatening the lives of countless dolphins and small whales with captivity or slaughter. Now, more than ever, it is important to add your voice to the growing global outrage and keep building the momentum of this campaign to end the drive hunt as well as the captivity and slaughter of these sentient beings.

Background: Taiji, a coastal town located in the Wakayama Prefecture of Japan, is known as the “ground zero” for live, captive dolphins supplied to marine parks and swim-with-dolphin programs around the world. The remaining dolphins, who are not selected by dolphin trainers for a life of captivity, are brutally and inhumanely slaughtered for human consumption, even though the meat contains toxic levels of mercury. Over 20,000 dolphins are slaughtered in this inhumane manner annually in Japan.

This website aims to provide a how-to guide of action items for those who want to speak out on behalf of the dolphins and whales in Taiji through various means of communication — online and offline.

Educate: Please watch this video “Dawn to Death – The Dolphins of Taiji” by Martyn Stewart to have a full understanding of why so many are fighting to see this end. Warning: Graphic content.

Dawn to Death – The Dolphins of Taiji from Martyn Stewart on Vimeo.


Call, e-mail, fax, and write your local Japanese embassy or consulate and tell them you oppose the dolphin slaughter in Taiji and ask them to work with the Japanese government to stop issuing permits for Taiji’s dolphin slaughter.

Sign these online petitions. If you have already signed them, please share the page with your social networks and ask them to sign.

Send e-mails, send faxes, and make phone calls, voicing your opposition to Taiji’s dolphin slaughter and live capture of dolphins.

Please spread the word that Yahoo! continues to sell dolphin and whale meat on Yahoo! Japan. Click here for recommended action items.

Teach the next generation to care for the ocean. Share Call of the Cove’s Youth page with the youth in your life, whether you are a parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent, teacher, or a young person yourself.

Visit our Social page for a complete list of recommended Facebook pages and Twitter profiles to follow as well as recommended action items for those social networks.

Here is a complete list of Dolphinariums worldwide. Please find and contact your local aquariums and parks to assure that they are not purchasing their dolphins from Taiji. If they are, make it clear that you, your family and friends will not be patronizing them until they discontinue.

Please e-mail us at with any feedback/contributions for this website.

5 thoughts on “Take Action

  1. please protect and save dolphins , they are beautiful and intelligent marine mammal , I love dolphins and whales, I don’t see and hear that
    their ecosystem is endangered list and lost or disappear , and don’t want see many dolphins slaughter in Taiji. they are belongs in the ocean. give them free run to the wild. Please end this cruel ways to dolphins in Taiji, Japan. end this bloody for the country, and don’t let more painful for marine mammal alive. Thank you

  2. An amazing gift in song which is free to download, the description & lyrics are on this page …..

    I hope this song will live on, reach hearts and change minds.
    I hope it will help to bring an end to this horrific emotional and physical slaughter !!

  3. Huge appreciation for all you do❗🐬💜

  4. Binghamton University is hosting an online debate tournament on the topic of the annual online debate slaughter. It’s open to undergraduates and high school students around the world to participate in. Instructors and activists are invited to judge.

    For more information on the event go to-

    Please help spread the word on this amazing educational opportunity, and don’t forget to sign up yourself!

  5. Leave the dolphins be. They’re beautiful creatures, no one has the right to KILL them.

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